LXX et Veritas is a go for May 26-29 in New Haven.  REGISTER HERE. Given Covid, we are expecting a smaller crowd, but we hope to provide a first-class reunion experience nonetheless.


The swag bag includes a custom t-shirt designed especially for this event by Garry Trudeau as well as a book by Sam Chauncey.


We will of course enjoy the usual festivities, including food and drink, in the Davenport courtyard. Be aware that some Covid protocols will be required by Mother Yale, including proof of vaccination for all attendees.

We will do everything we can to make this both festive and safe.

Schedule of Events

Thu May 26  ■ 1-11am
St. Thomas Moore Golden Center, 268 Park St.
Central Registration.

Thu May 26  ■ 3-4:30 pm 
Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall | Room: 114 — 1 Prospect Street
FORUM '70@50+: What's Next, Bulldog? Join us and share your views in a lively, interactive discussion about the upcoming midterm elections. What will be our legacy in a time of historic transformational change?  The panel, organized by Ed Landler, will include Reid Detchon, Alex Geertsma and Charles Thomas.

Thu May 26  ■ 5:30-6:30 pm 
Davenport Courtyard
Cocktails at our first reunion buffet

Thu May 26  ■ 8-10 pm 
Sprague Hall — 470 College Street
Tom Rush Concert

Thu May 26  ■ 10 to midnight 
Afterglow in the Courtyard

Fri  May 27  ■ 7-10am
Davenport Courtyard
Breakfast buffet

Fri  May 27  ■ 9-10am
Athletics of the Heart: Entertainment in an Age of Polarization and Pandemic | James Bundy, Elizabeth Parker Ware Dean of the David Geffen School of Drama and Artistic Director, Yale Repertory Theater

Fri  May 27  ■ 10:30-11:30am
America's Constitution: How It Arose and How to Preserve It | Akhil Reed Amar '80, '84 Law, Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science

Fri  May 27  ■ 10:30-11:30am
Brava! Women Make American Theatre | Melissa Barton, Curator of Prose and Drama for the Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Fri  May 27  ■ 12-1:30pm
American Picnic Buffet Lunch

Fri  May 27  ■ 2-3:30pm
America in One Room: Solving the Problems of Our Democracy | Jim Fishkin, Janet M. Peck Professor of International Communication and Professor of Politial Science at Stanford

Fri  May 27  ■ 6-7pm
Cocktails on Beinecke Plaza

Fri  May 27  ■ 7-9pm
50th Reunion Class Dinner | Commons

Fri  May 27  ■ 10-midnight
Afterglow in the Courtyard

Sat May 28  ■ 7-9am
Davenport Courtyard
Signature Bagel Breakfast Buffet

Sat May 28  ■ 9-10am
Fighting Cancer with the Immune System| Dr. Roy S. Herbst '84, '84 M.S., Ensign Professor of Medicine.

Sat May 28  ■ 9-10am
Getting to Know Us Better: Yale University Art Gallery Collection Insights | Stephanie Wiles, Henry J. Heinz II Directory, Yale University Art Gallery

Sat May 28  ■ 9-10am
The Second Quantum Revolution and the Race to Build "Impossible" Computers | Steven Girvin, Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics & Professor of Applied Physics

Sat May 28  ■ 9-11:30am
Newberry Organ Tour, Woolsey Hall | Thomas Murray, Professor Emeritus in the Practice in the Institute of Sacred Music

Sat May 28  ■ 10:30-11:30am
Emotional Intelligence at Yale: From Theory to Practice to Systemic Change | Marc Brackett, Founding Director, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence; Professor in the Child Study Center

Sat May 28  ■ 10:30-11:30am
The First Amendment at the University on Social Media and Beyond | Robert Post, '77 JD, Sterling Professor of Law

Sat May 28  ■ 12-1:30pm
American Barbeque Lunch Buffet
Davenport College Courtyard

Sat May 28  ■ 12-1:30pm 
Adventures on Broadway and in Hollywood | Sprague Hall
Ron Chernow '70 and Garry Trudeau: On bringing their creative work to life on both stage and screen.

Sat May 28  ■ 5-5:45pm 
President's University Update | Woolsey Hall

Sat May 28  ■ 6-7pm 
Cocktails in the Courtyard | Davenport College Courtyard

Sat May 28  ■ 7-9pm 
World Flavors Dinner Buffet | Davenport College Courtyard

Sat May 28  ■ 9-midnight 
Afterglow in the Courtyard
Davenport College Courtyard

SunMay 28  ■ 8-10am 
Farewell Breakfast Buffet
Davenport College Courtyard

SunMay 28  ■ 8-10am
50th Reunion Memorial Service
Linsly-Chittenden Hall rm. 102 | click here for the service program.

SunMay 28  ■ 9-10am 
University Church Worship
May 29 10:30AM – 11:45AM
Battell Chapel


Two Awards for Yale70


The Virtual Reunion 2020

We met online for luncheons, webinars, yoga, cocktails, music, res-college get-togethers, panel discussions and a memorial service.  We shipped two books to classmates.

Click here for a recap with handouts and videos.


50th Reunion Book

Greatest Hits 1970-2020 | Led by Stephen Morris and John Boak this book was been shipped to classmates. It has chapters on our brand, our blog, our class notes, the arrival of women, reunions, and memories of the deceased. It also has a directory with photos and essays, which were collected by classmate submission on the web. 4-color throughout. 506 pages.


Just Before Too Late

Classmates met online on 10/17/20 to discuss the challenging issues of the upcoming election and its aftermath. It was a continuation of our May 30 Zoom Forum, “How Ya Gonna Save the World NOW, Bulldog?” Click here for video of the event.

Click here for more details.


Architectural Memories

Places | This is a photo-based collection about spaces and places at Yale. Ben Slotznick and Stuart Cohen gathered remembrances of campus architecture and how it affected us, as well as memories of events grounded in the specific places on campus in which they occurred. All the photos were shot by Stuart in the past two years, specifically for this book. 4-color throughout. 112 pages.  Click here for a pdf of Places.


Moreno: Alumni Fellow of the Yale Corporation

Our classmate Carlos Moreno was voted in as an Alumni Fellow of the Yale Corporation. In the decades since Carlos Moreno graduated from Yale, the pursuit of justice has been his life’s work. Click here for more about our wonderful classmate.


Zoom Songs & Stories

Live music/ live mic every other Thursday night. Zoom links and passwords sent via email, so make sure we have yours.


Zoom Reunions

Lessons from the Yale Class of 1970 Reunion in May 2020 | a guide for alumni relations professionals and volunteers | 100 pages of how-we-did-it from Ben Slotznick. An ebook on Amazon — Click to get it.


Wherever Yale70

The Class Blog can be found here. This blog is a place for photos (and news) of classmate get-togethers. Send news and pix to Ben Slotznick of casual encounters, planned group vacations, or full-blown Class Reunions.


Daily Yale70

Facebook Closed Group |  Join our group . Keep track of online gatherings. See what others are doing. Add to the conversation. 


Watch for More...

We will be posting plans for 2021, as well as other ongoing events.  To paraphrase William Gibson, “The Reunion is already here. It is just not evenly distributed.”

>>> Click here for the May 2020 pre-reunion postings.

>>> Click here for the ’65/’70 Survey


News Yale70

Email our class Secretary  Randy Helm or webmaster John Boak.
Class Notes |  Yale  Alumni Magazine’s archive of Class Notes, 1995 to the present. If you do not have an account with the Magazine, the link above will take you to sign-up.


Whiffenpoofs Yale70

The 1970 AlbumClick here and listen to Richard Alfieri, Gerard Cameron, William Corell, Scott Drum, Lawrence Eyre, William Harwood, Richard Hays, Philip Howard, Richard Peiser, Orrin Persky, David Sauvage, Albert Sokol, Russell Thomas, Richard Zuckerman 



The book for our 40th Reunion back in 2010. Structured around a Conroy survey, edited by Tom Weil, and chock full of writing by our classmates. Available at Amazon.



Our first book, on the occasion of our 35th Reunion. Fourteen chapters with short pieces from many classmates. Available at Amazon.


Art Yale70

The 40th reunion visual arts book. Work is shown from John Boak, Tom Chakas, Stuart Cohen, Ed Landler, Jonathan Morse, Charles Nesbit, George Pilling, Mark Pines, Scott Simpson, Richard Smith, Michael Stanton, Ben Slotznick, Jim Tarlow, Garry Trudeau, Tom Walker, Joe Wheelwright, Bob Witkowski. Available here.